To keep a fast streaming website, you must have a clean and well structured code. Inside the Web Hosting Control Panel, you’ll find a range of tools that will help you quicken your site’s performance while not having to edit anything in the backend code. The Site Accelerators – Varnish, Memcached and Node.js won’t just help you to supply quicker loading speeds to your visitors and therefore decrease site exit percentage, but also will drive your site higher in the search engine rankings.

To work with the Site Accelerators, simply just access your Web Hosting Control Panel and produce an instance for the accelerator you like.


RAM–memorizing as a substitute for database requests

Should you have a fast paced database–driven web site or app, it could possibly have issues loading speedy for the site visitors due to the numerous requests sent to the data base. To let you fix the web–page loading challenge, we’ve included the Memcached tool within the Web Hosting Control Panel.

Memcached is really a powerful distributed memory caching system, which caches information and objects in the server’s RAM to prevent the data base from getting asked every time a customer opens up a specific webpage. This way, your web site pages will start sooner for customers and definately will boost the possibility for them to return.

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RAM–storing instead of HTTP queries

Utilizing the Varnish website accelerator program incorporated into e24plus Domain/Hosting.’s Web Hosting Control Panel, you can make your web site webpages come up better for your site visitors. All configuration settings are performed through an intuitive interface, without the need to create any kind of immediate changes to the code of your site.

Varnish is an HTTP accelerator that can help all webpages work more quickly by caching them inside the server RAM. That way, after a page has already been opened by a customer in the past, it doesn’t need to be shipped from the server any further, which actually minimizes loading times and also boosts your pages. It has been measured that Varnish normally enhances delivery times with a factor of 300 – 1000x.

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For the purpose of creating fast and adaptable web applications

Web developers may use Node.js with regard to setting up all types of powerful and also cost–efficient applications including enterprise statistics, real time applications and website CMS, only to name some. It’s quick and scalable and is also supported by an engaged online community that helps to keep progressing and supporting it.

Node.js is founded on the Google V8 JavaScript engine and also uses an event–driven, non–blocking I/O pattern that makes the API versatile and extensible. This specific modern method allows for designers to fast develop powerful apps by using only a single language.

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